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Porada's new Eighteen collection

The latest catalog of Porada's collection is Eighteen, the result of a careful study on shapes and materials, in which the new colors of the ash in the Hemp and Coffee variants make their debut.

Of these products, among the most significant we point out the Argo modular sofa by David Dolcini, the Koster coffee tables, designed by the Swedish-born English designer Staffan Tollgard, the Quadrifoglio dining table by Carlo Ballabio and the Killian bed by Marconato & Zappa.

Then follow a wide range of furnishing accessories including mirrors, stools, tables and armchairs, all perfectly suited to the overall idea of ​​a Porada house.

In addition to the new furnishing elements, renovations were carried out on pre-existing pieces of the collection, which saw new finishes and a significant change of materials.

Among these, the Tony triangular table and the circular Trittico which, created to be stacked and used in different ways according to need, have seen the introduction of colored crystals for the tops and the addition of new finishes for the wood of ash that zero the past time making them extremely current.

Each piece of these reinterpretations was then embellished with a brass plaque that recalls the milestone achieved, or the 70th anniversary of the brand, a synthesis of a long work, based on passion and enthusiasm and that turns into timeless products.

If you are interested in the Eighteen collection or other Porada products, we invite you to contact us or to visit us in our Cavallini1920 showrooms, where you can choose from a wide selection of branded products, so you can find the furniture that suits you and your home.