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UP of B&B Italia at POP ART DESIGN in London

Open to the public for the first time on 22 nd October at the Barbican Gallery in London, POP ART DESIGN is the first exhibition that shows, in a very original way, the fascinating exchange between design and art occurred in the recent era POP.

The exhibition in fact collects the works of 70 artists and designers, among which emerges without a doubt the historical series of sessions UP designed by Gaetano Pesce in 1969 for B&B Italia.

Among the products of the collection Up noteworthy is certainly the iconic UP 5_6 sitting, clearly anthropomorphic characteristics, polyurethane coated jersey and paint lacquered brass.
UP 5_6 is an armchair that, since its first launch, received huge success and attracted a lot of surprise because of its appearance that reflected clearly the features of a large womb.

Evocative of the typical votive statues of prehistoric fertility, this armchair were the perfect combination of art and design and stick out for its curvilinear geometries and for the strong personality pop.