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Riva1920 furnishings at the Venice Biennale

Some of Riva1920's most significant pieces of furniture are present in "Arcipelago Italia: projects for the future of the country's internal territories", a title that this year distinguishes the Italian Pavilion that is part of the Venice Biennale's International Architecture Exhibition in progress from 26 May to 25 November 2018.

Curated by Mario Cucinella, the project aims to carry out an in-depth analysis of the urban space that runs along the Italian ridge, from the Alpine Arch, along the Apennines, up to the Mediterranean, focusing on the role that contemporary architecture plays in settlements distant from the big centers and often, therefore, perceived as marginal and passing places.

Specifically, the Italian Pavilion proposes an itinerary with a hundred stages marked by small quality architectures, all built in recent years and with the aim of underlining the dialogue between these architectural examples and the excellences of our country as hamlets, parks of naturalistic value, hiking trails, paths and cycleways. Riva1920, not by chance, participates in the initiative with those, among its collection pieces, which best represent its values โ€‹โ€‹of eco-sustainability and naturalness, constantly expressed through the use of completely natural adhesives, oils and waxes.

These include the various furnishings made of recycled materials such as the Briccole wood - the famous oak oak poles embedded in the Venetian lagoon that serve to guide boats and signal the tides - or made with 100% natural essences as the precious cedar wood of Lebanon.

Among the furnishings of this type, the absolute protagonist is the large Arcipelago table, which includes five islands with sinuous shapes impressed in the wood that cover a total area of โ€‹โ€‹246 square meters, with over 13 cubic meters of raw material used.

The same, for the top, boasts the use of the cedar of Lebanon and for the legs, just the wood of Briccola. The nature then as the true protagonist of this imaginary journey that crosses all of Italy making us discover its wonders through an evocative sensorial experience with the scent of cedar.