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Flexform furnishings for the Hotel Sofia in Barcelona

The Flexform brand has contributed to furnish the interior spaces of the Hotel Sofia, an exclusive hotel located along the central Avinguda Diagonal of Barcelona and designed in such a way as to be a perfect combination of refined elegance, contemporary design and innovation.

The interior design project was entrusted to the well-known Jaime Beriestain Studio who decided to set up the exhibition by relying on the refined taste of Flexform, creating settings that evoke a warm family welcome.

And it is precisely to furnish the hotel lounge space that two of the most significant pieces of the Flexform collection have been chosen: the Guscio sofas and the Lysandre armchairs, both characterized by softened and enveloping shapes.

With or without armrests, more or less padded, with high or low back, with wooden or metal structure, swivel or fixed, covered in leather or fabric, Guscio is certainly one of the most iconic Flexform collections that, although launched for the first time in 2013 by Antonio Citterio, to this day it remains one of the brand's "battle horses". Specifically, the sofa is characterized by its characteristic bean shape, a shape that has made it unique and inimitable.

Lysandre is not less, a chair with a round aesthetic, resting on a solid wood structure with a short leg and a rather strong and uniform padding for the back, seat and armrests.

The result of the exhibition is exactly what the studio Jaime Beriestain wanted, that is a cozy and comfortable room, but it does not leave in any way that sophisticated and laid elegance that is typical of all the hotel's spaces.

If you are interested in Flexform's Guscio or Lysandre, we invite you to visit us at our Cavallini1920 showrooms or to contact us, where you can find a large selection of branded furnishings.