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Flexform starts with the new press campaign

The month of January has arrived and with it the new Flexform advertising campaign, which is currently being disseminated among the most authoritative magazines of design, architecture, lifestyle, fashion and current events.

The absolute protagonist of the campaign is the Campiello sofa, designed by Antonio Citterio and presented for the first time at the 2018 Milan Furniture Fair.

The direction of the new advertising campaign was entrusted to the photographer Federico Cedrone and the Studio Beatrice Rossetti, who created a visual project with incredible simplicity and very simple communication.

The photos, which immortalize the Flexform furnishings in a truly evocative way, are reminiscent of those that some of the greatest photographers who contributed to building the brand identity, including Aldo Ballo, Gabriele Basilico and Maria Vittoria Backhaus, signed in the 1980s.

In common there is certainly an attempt to describe Flexform by fixing its measured and timeless elegance, using images that belong to the collective memory.

The new image of the advertising campaign portrays Campiello immersed in a very particular, almost abstract atmosphere, where a young woman, sitting on the sofa in a natural way, is surrounded by colors and shades that recall marble and elegant atmospheres, albeit very sober.

The reference to marble is not accidental, as, often, in the Flexform furnishings, this material component is among the chosen ones.

To complete the scenography, a soft carpet on which the sofa rests and an elegant gray fabric covering that creates a refined contrast with the colors of the marble and the carpet.

With this image Flexform inaugurates an advertising campaign that already provides many successes and that will kick-start a series of "author's rituals" through which the identity and style of the brand will be told and explained.

The next step will be a series of shots that will immortalize other seating systems in the collection.

If you are interested in Campiello sofa or other products from the Flexform collection, we invite you to contact us at design@cavallini1920.it or visit us at our showrooms. As an official retailer of the brand, we are sure we can help you find the right furniture for you!