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Stefano Arienti for Foscarini

The Foscarini's Space in Milano begins the new year with an exhibition of " Algae ", a work realized by Stefano Arienti, inspired by one of the central themes of his work imprinted on the subjects of nature, the " algae ".

Hailing from New York, where it was presented for the first time enjoying great success, this work is based on a poor art and simple but full of meaning and very impressive.

Algae, which was made ​​available to the public from the 23 rd January 2014, as well as confirming the perfect harmony that is the basis of collaboration between Foscarini and Arienti, demonstrates how important it is for the brand to make a "bridge" with the city, conversing and interacting to tell stories, to stimulate creativity and convey emotions.

At the same time, in Brera's space is also exposed another work of Arienti, the " Collection Books", a limited edition collection of books and catalogs Foscarini made ​​using a special technique. The latter is achieved by the use of thin models drills, which allow to obtain accurate drawings and delicate decorations.