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The architect Juhani Pallasmaa with Valcucine

Again Valcucine decides to put their space available to the culture and creativity, future-oriented.

To do that the 26th of february will host at Brera's space in Milan at 19 pm, the Finnish philosopher and architect Juhani Pallasmaa who will present a preview of his book "The thinking hand."

It is a work that opens a new series of texts, directed by Stefano Tessadori and Matteo Zambelli, whose purpose is to illustrate and tell the most authentic values ​​of imagination, design and build.

During the evening will also inaugurated the exhibition " Studies in Silence", a selection of projects focused on the work of the same author, which, thanks to ephemeral architecture, succeeds in its main objective to focus the attention on the concept of beauty and sensuality of the subject.

With this initiative Valcucine further confirms his spirit, which is to be able to create an open dialogue between professionals and amateurs, where the topics addressed are able to focus on the architecture and the man in relation to the environment.