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Cattelan Italia's News

The tables by Cattelan Italia, all rigorously made with quality materials, are distinguished by their original and creative shapes. Charaterized by practical and strong aesthetic impact, these tables are designed to decorate any room that you want strongly customize.

Worthy of note are in particular the tables presented in the new catalog 2014 whose preview is already available for several days on the web site Cattelan Italia.
For those who prefer a modern living space for sure the table Reef by Cattelan Italia is ideal. Oval and elegant shape, the top is in white embossed MDF, white mat Carrara marble or mat Ebony marble.

For those who prefer to decorate their living room with square geometries and appreciates the transparency alternate to opaque and sturdy materials, surely the most suitable table is Monaco Big by Giorgio Cattelan.

In fact, if the transparent glass or extra-white tempered 15mm gives brightness and clarity, the stainless steel base with stainless steel feet polished and coated in slate stone gives to the whole structure stability and robustness.

All this and much more is available on the new catalog Cattelan Italia that proves to be a perfect mix of contemporary and highly exclusivity.