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Kristiina Lassus for Gallotti & Radice

During the IMM Cologne 2014 the precious crystals of Gallotti & Radice met with the creativity of the masterful rugs of Kristiina Lassus, blending in perfect harmony, which has accompanied the entire exhibition specially created by the two brands on the occasion of the international fair of furniture.

The collection of rugs by Kristiina Lassus was born from a passion for the old centuries's craft tradition of weaving combined with the elegant minimalism, Scandinavian. A mix that creates refined objects with unique design.

The meeting with Gallotti & Radice, artistic and creative space that since 1955 is dedicated on glass and crystal creating unique pieces made ​​exclusively by hand, could not therefore create a perfect agreement, creating an ambient sophisticated and rich in detail, which has been highly acclaimed by the audience of the show.

Here we offer some of the most significant images of this successful collaboration, which has given rise to a unique and exclusive stand.