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Valcucine and Eataly together in Milan

Valcucine and Eataly, both well established brands synonymous of quality and representatives of the Made in Italy excellence in the world, come together in a winning partnership at the newly opened Eataly in Milan.

The collaboration was born mainly from the sharing of common values ​​based on eco-sustainability and environmental protection, which are inspired by both the corporate mission.

Since thirty years Valcucine is now active in this sense, in fact, has always creates innovative products in which the sustainability and conservation of resources are always at the center of each design.

The results are kitchens in which aesthetics and creativity are always available to user's needs, combining ergonomics, functionality and attention to human health.

The collaboration between the two brands has resulted into the construction of the second floor of the ex-Teatro Smeraldo, now refined food store Eataly which hold several rooms that will be the place for concerts and meetings every evening.

One of these rooms, in particular, will be equipped with Valcucine kitchen and Miele appliances, both particularly suitable for cooking presentation, lectures, seminars and private dinners, activities of which Eataly's calendar is dense of events.

At the center of the space, the real protagonists of furniture will be two of the most famous systems kitchen Valcucine New Logica System and Artematica curve, two ergonomic and high-tech programs.

So a meeting that brings together different companies to which ethics, environment and the enjoyment for beauty are essential elements, which are very important for a healthy and more sustainable lifestyle.