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Flexform for Brian&Barry

The new concept store, Brian & Barry Building of Durini road in Milan, has decided to rely on Flexform to decorate the rooms of the restaurant.

Open from the 21 March, 2014 and run by famous chef Matteo Torretta, the restaurant of Brian & Barry Building is located on the top floor of the building and is placed inside a large megastore that stretches for 12 floors.

The spaces, which are part of the historic building designed by Giovanni Muzio in 1950, are certainly destined to become the new destination of a shopping area and food with Made in Italy's quality, as inside the store, could not miss the presence of the now world-famous brand food Eataly.

The protagonist of the restaurant are the Feel Good's stools designed by Antonio Citterio and Isabel's dining chairs by Carlo Colombo, both iconic pieces of Flexform's collection.