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Valcucine at the International Book Fair

Valcucine will take part to the International Book Fair in Turin for the second year as official partner of " CasaCookBook", a fair 's area entirely dedicated to wine and food publications.

The Exhibition will be from the 8 to 12 May at the space Lingotto Fiere in Turin and the theme will be "Il Bene". The argument of "Il Bene" was born, as the fair organizer's explained, by the necessity, facing with a global moral and cultural crisis, ​​to redefine a concrete and positive value's list and experiences from which to try to start again.

Valcucine has always been committed to safeguarding the sustainability and therefore already very sensitive to ethical and environmental issues, he saized upon the spirit of the theme and worked with "Casa CookBook" and Gambero Rosso at the creation of a new social game brand called #ilbeneincucina that allow the winners to take part into the Book Fair, spending a night in Turin.

To participate at the game you have to take a picture that best represents the theme of "Il bene in cucina" (good cooking) publish it on your Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag # ilbeneincucina and tag your fan page Casa CookBook and Monnyb, the presenter of the show "Semplicemente MonnyB " broadcast on Gambero Rosso Channel.

Among the 10 photos that have received the most likes, the staff of Casa CookBook will select three, allowing the authors, thanks to a special recognition, to fully enjoy the 27th edition of the largest book fair in Italy.

Within the same social game, Valcucine will ask anyone who owns a Valcucine kitchen to post on their Facebook profile, with the hashtag # ilbeneincucina and tagging the fan page Valcucine Kitchens, an image of it that best represents the idea of eco-sustainability and respect for the environment in the kitchen. Among the 3 pictures with the most likes, Valcucine will choose the most representative and give to the winner 2 tickets to the Book Fair, a night in a hotel in Turin, 5 books of the Eco Bookshop Valcucine and a supply of products made ​​from Mater -Bi.

The social game will last until 22.00 on 5 May 2014.