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Valcucine Logica celata

The Logica Celata kitchen is characterised by its advanced technology and functionality. An evolution of the Logica system, an innovative counterweight mechanism makes a panel moves gently upwards, revealing the kitchen accessories, a large working area, the hob and the extraction hood. But the most interesting thing about this design is given by the internal scenarios available: kitchen, bar, preparation area and pantry.
Among these, the bar is certainly worth mentioning. This typically Italian tradition has always been part of our daily lives, and today, with this design, can be recreated in the home. The panel opens to reveal an exclusive home bar, one that is practical, well organised and fully accessorised.
The kitchen may be customised with the Vitrum Arte technique, developed by Valcucine to reproduce various inlay designs on glass. An exclusive edition of the kitchen panel features the work “Campari Soda, con noi sempre e ovunque” (Campari Soda with us anytime, anywhere), created in the 1960s by the Milanese illustrator Franz Marangolo for Campari, here reproduced on glass.

Design: Gabriele Centazzo

Brand: Valcucine

Disponibilità: Catalogue

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