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Cattelan Italia dining tables

The table is an essential piece for all of the more frequently used spaces in the home and office. Around the table, families gather in the evening, friends meet for an aperitif, relatives share a birthday celebration, and staff work together.
Considering its many uses, Cattelan Italia offers a vast range of tables - extendible, fixed, kitchen and bistro models.

Countless combinations with the Cattelan Italia dining tables

Azimut, a completely transparent solution, is extendible with curved glass legs. It is the perfect space for large elegant modern living rooms. Similar models are the Brera table is available in stainless steel, painted steel in glossy white, grey graphite, matte oyster and American walnut, and the models Skorpio and Skorpio Keramik.
The name of the Convivium table is evident because it is an extendible model with a very particular design and inclined legs.
Bora Bora Bistrot, with a round or square top, Carioca and Elvis Wood Drive were instead created for a tea corner or a relaxing den.
Giano, Eliot Drive, Eliot Wood Drive and Eliot Round fit perfectly into any room in the home to add a touch of class and elegance. Spyder and Spyder Wood, in the two variants in warm wood and modern crystal, are both an excellent choice for you living room.
For the study and the office, there are many Cattelan Italia tables such as the desks Vega and Nasdaq.

Choose the ideal Cattelan Italia dining table for your home at the Cavallini1920 showrooms in Milan and Varedo

Would you like to know more about Cattelan Italia tables? Come visit our showrooms in Milan and Varedo (Monza Brianza), and our staff of professionals will help you choose the best products for you!

Cattelan Italia Tables complete catalogue

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