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Cattelan Italia furnishings

Cattelan Italia furnishings complete your interior design, making it even more welcoming and harmonious. The solutions offered by the brand are characterised by a modern and original flair that adapts easily to any style and room.

The Cattelan furnishings include display cases, rugs, coat hangers and storage containers designed to complete your interior design with functional yet elegant solutions. Bold shapes and original finishes make the Cattelan furnishings highly recognisable and trendy - the ideal choice for those wanting to add a touch of character to their rooms. From the living area to office furniture, the Cattelan catalogue offers high-quality furnishings crafted with great attention to detail and customisable to meet every need.

Contact us for more information or come to our showrooms. Cavallini1920 - Cattelan Italia retailers in Milan and its provinces.

Cattelan Italia Accessories complete catalogue

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