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Desalto furnishings

Desalto furnishings embody the core identity of the brand. They stand out for their contemporary design and impeccable production stemming from high-performance materials and cutting-edge technologies.

Desalto furnishings include mirrors, coat hangers, hybrid products such as seat tables, and kitchen and office trolleys. The aim is to provide functional furnishing elements that decorate any room and give it character. Desalto furnishings are conceived for those seeking original and refined designer products. The formal cleanliness of these products makes them suitable for residential, contract and public spaces due to the vast range of finishes, colours and sizes available.

Desalto Furniture in Milan and Varedo

Desalto furnishings represent the brand to perfection and reflect the high quality of Italian-made products.
You can find them in our showrooms in Milan and Varedo, where our experts will help you choose the products that best suit your needs at competitive prices. In addition to the company's furnishings, you can also consult the entire Desalto catalogue and give life to a comprehensive, harmonious interior design project.

We look forward to seeing you at our showrooms! Cavallini1920 is a Desalto retailer in Milan and its provinces. We will provide you with all the help and support you need!

Desalto Accessories complete catalogue

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