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Falper Bathtubs, Milan

After a day at work, coming home to enjoy a regenerating bath is a dream that can come true easily. Falper bathtubs were designed to reach the maximum expression of relaxation at any time during the day.

Modern, classic, minimal and Zen: bathtubs by Falper come in a wide range of solutions, perfect for any furnishing style.

Atelier Level 45, Scoop and King Size with their clean lines, give the bathroom natural elegance, and make it warm and welcoming. The charm of Shape, on the other hand, expresses the perfect balance of luxury and design, also thanks to the lightness of Cristalplant.

Original and unique in its category, Handmade picks up on the traditional design of the ancient bathtub, to position in the centre of the most important room of the home, and turns it into a delicate example of femininity.

Solid, masculine George has a strong, decisive style, with exclusive details and prime quality materials, such as brushed polished copper and stainless steel with a titanium finish.
Come see all of the models of Falper bathtubs at the Cavallini 1920 showrooms in Milan and Varedo (Monza Brianza)! Our staff will be happy to help you design your dream bathroom.

Falper Bathtubs complete catalogue

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