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Falper Washbasins, Milan

An essential element in the bathroom, Falper washbasins play a central role not only for their unrivalled functional features but especially for their impressive aesthetics.
Harmonious and organic, they seem sculptured by flowing water, a perfect balance of functional and emotional traits.

The creative flair of designers, avant-garde technology and handcrafting experience have converged to create Falper washbasins, genuine sculptures that enhance the most sophisticated bathrooms.
In Falper's catalogue proposed by Cavallini1920 you will find freestanding, wall-mounted, console top and inset washbasins.

A broad range of washbasins designed to meet all requirements. From the modern and minimal collections Scoop and Atelier Level 45 to the most classical references of the collection George.

If you would like more information about Falper washbasins, contact us or visit us personally. At the Cavallini1920 showroom in Milan and Varedo (Monza and Brianza) you will be provided highly professional service by our team, ranging from the choice of product to project planning and implementation to create your bathroom.

Falper Washbasins complete catalogue

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