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Gallotti&Radice tables

The table is an actual meeting point, both at home and at work. Families gather round tables, and so do staff in offices and clients during professional meetings.
To guarantee ideal conditions for everyone during the different moments of the day, Gallotti&Radice has created a series of tables and desks of various sizes suitable for the living room or kitchen in the home, or the office or study.

The Gallotti&Radice tables Oto, Rafx, Eros and Upside stand out for their elegant round glass tops that give the furnishing scheme a touch of sophistication. Along the same lines, Raj, Vaso and Yol also have a round surface, but with very large variants that can comfortably accommodate guests for lunch and dinner.

For larger rooms, they offer the contoured lines of Carlomagno, Dolm, Yan, Air, Ever and Still. As an alternative, the soft shapes of Eyl and Akim can warm rooms without making them heavier, while the desks Air Desk, Luì and Venere make moments of study and work more comfortable.

Would you like to see all of the models of Gallotti & Radice tables and desks? Come see our showrooms in Milan and Varedo (in the province of Monza Brianza). Our staff of professionals can answer all your questions!

Gallotti&Radice Tables complete catalogue

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