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Maxalto sofas

As years pass and trends change, Maxalto sofas continue to stand the test of time, with their unique combination of stylish appeal and superlative comfort. Admired for their superior build quality, Maxalto sofas exude an air of discreet elegance - they're never ostentatious, but they never fail to impress. Available in a vast selection of styles, shapes and configurations, all Maxalto sofas are highly customizable thanks to the brand's impressive catalogue of colors, fabrics and finishes.

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Maxalto Sofas in Milan

Where do you spend your downtime and talk with friends? Where do you watch movies or read? This piece of furniture improves your mood and leads you to take long regenerating naps: the sofa is a fundamental and necessary component in every home. And there's more to this story.

The quality of Maxalto sofas is shared by all products made by this famous brand: elegant and prestigious with a unique style and fine finishes.

Maxalto sofas range

The Otiumseating system is a prime example of the warm and reassuring beauty that distinguishes Maxalto sofas: its generous proportions combine with premium fabrics and down paddings to provide supreme comfort, while its contemporary classic lines are enriched by precious details like the tapered armrests or the faux leather trimmings. Another Maxalto sofa customers seem to love is the Dives model, which stands out for its subtle interplay of different finishes as well as for its relatively contained depth (89 cm), which makes it highly versatile and suitable even for less spacious settings.

For the living room and areas for relaxing in every home, Maxalto offers different models of sofas, such as Febo, a new and exclusive mix of classic tailoring; Simplex, with exquisite tufting and matching armchair and ottoman; Simpliciter, essential but extremely comfortable, its fresh, light lines add a touch of style to any room.

The soft lines of Amoenus, Imprimatur, Lutetia, Lucrezia and Omnia interpret comfort with large-sized, customisable solutions. These pieces have big throw pillows that make the backrest even cosier.

Lastly, the innovation of Dives, from the Apta collection, a new type of sofa with an unmistakable image. The external side of the armrest has smooth upholstery and the internal side is quilted like a traditional Chesterfield.

Looking for a Maxalto sofa in Milan? Cavallini1920 is an authorized Maxalto dealer and offers a complete range of Maxalto sofas and armchairs. Stop by our showrooms in downtown Milan or in Varedo, at the heart of the Brianza furniture district, and discover the Maxalto difference for yourself!

Maxalto Sofas complete catalogue

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