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Riva 1920 bookcases

Come to our showrooms and discover the Riva 1920 bookcases

Cavallini1920 is the answer to all who are looking for a Riva 1920 bookcase in Milan or a Riva 1920 bookcase in the province of Monza Brianza. We are, in fact, the official retailers of Riva 1920, an Italian brand specialised in the production of wood furniture and known worldwide for the high quality and excellent aesthetics of its products.
Such as the refined bookcases, available in several models, many of which created by internationally acclaimed designers.
Riva 1920 offers both classic structures, such as the San Pietroburgo or the legendary Wall Street bookcases, but also carries modular models that can be customised to fit personal taste and available space. Such as with Freedom, built from stackable modular pieces that can be combined as desired.
Other models are design pieces, often made from a single block of wood, crafted with artisan techniques and hand finished like the Torre Lignea, in fragrant cedar.

Riva 1920 solid wood bookcases: elegant and eco-sustainable

The entire structure is in wood, enhanced in some cases with support frames in stainless steel. Regardless of the materials used, each construction element satisfies environmental sustainability criteria and is designed to protect the environment. All glues are formaldehyde-free and surfaces are finished with natural vegetable oils and waxes.
Riva 1920 bookcases are not simple container structures. Instead, they are actual pieces of furniture, ideal for several types of settings ranging from living rooms to professional offices. They also can be used as partition walls, as demonstrated by Broadway, which comprises rhomboidal compartments in solid wood and plywood.
Truly, the name Riva 1920 is a guarantee and one of the most well-known names in the sector. In fact, some of the more common online searches involve the terms “bookcase Riva 1920 Milan” or “bookcase Riva 1920 Monza Brianza”.
The good news is that all you have to do is go to one of our stores in Milan or Varedo to get all the information you need.
Our stores are the ideal place to learn about the different models in the collections of Riva 1920 bookcases, flexible multi-purpose furnishings. Some of these bookcases have such curvy and elegant shapes to have become icons. This is the case for the Briccolone bookcase, named for the Venetian “briccole” used to make it, which are the wooden posts used to indicate the waterways in the canals. The surfaces of these pieces of wood present unmistakable traces of wear caused by corrosion from water.
Each piece is unique because of its construction, and still performs its original function as a bookcase brilliantly.
Riva 1920 furnishings are the highest example of “Made in Italy”, for the attention to detail and the artisan craftsmanship with which they are made. Come see them at our showrooms.

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