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Riva 1920 tables

The easiest way to see the tables from Riva 1920 in Milan or in the province of Monza Brianza is to visit the Cavallini1920 showrooms.
There, you will discover the best of the Riva 1920 collections, which are filled with authentic design pieces.
All Riva 1920 tables display the true essence of the Como-based company. They are real works of art, an exercise in aesthetics that reaches levels of beauty, which are difficult to match. Let's look at Pangea, to start with. A large puzzle in solid wood, made up of 19 shaped pieces that fit together to form the old continent.
And that's not all. Each product from Riva 1920 was created to withstand the passage of time. Processes, materials and assembly all fulfil the highest standards of quality, and guarantee maximum resistance to wear and stress.

Riva 1920 tables, in solid wood and with a unique design

The woodworking craftsmanship of Riva 1920 has been passed down through a century of history, from generation to generation. There is special merit in this: though they have remained faithful to traditions, they have also adapted to technological innovation. This is the secret that has allowed the company to produce furniture on an industrial scale that is made with the care of an artisan.
Riva 1920 tables on display at our showrooms in Milan and Varedo, Monza Brianza are therefore one of the best examples of innovation working to achieve design with an artisan flair.
Riva 1920 Tables Milan and Riva 1920 Tables Monza Brianza? At Cavallini1920!

For years, Riva 1920 has been committed to protecting nature

At the exposition areas of Cavallini1920, you can touch the solid wood with which Riva 1920 furniture are made. These selected materials respond to the environmental sustainability issues and are respectful of nature.
The tabletops are often made from wood taken from reforested areas.
Other tops are made with reused wood, such as kauri wood from New Zealand, which gives the Kauri Newton table an antiqued look, transmitting a sense of warmth and hospitality that only wood can convey.
The Riva 1920 tables stand out for their unique design, the result of a play on volumes which can also be asymmetrical. For instance, Oplà is a whirlwind of emotions and functionality, just like the Riva 1920 table Auckland. The range is available in customisable shapes and variants, which also include the following woods: elm, oak, cherry, walnut and maple.
Some tables are set on steel sculptures or other materials created by internationally acclaimed artists. Riva 1920 works with designers from all over the world, and promotes forms of artistic expression that succeed at combining harmony and practicality. The Riflessi Millenari table is the perfect example of a sculptural base made from steel sheets forged by the artist Helidon Xhixha.
This is why visitors to our stores who are looking for Riva 1920 Tables Milan and Riva 1920 Tables Monza Brianza will have the feeling of visiting a design exhibition instead of a simple showroom.

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