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Meridiani Beds Milan

In our online catalogue, under the section Meridiani beds Milan you can find a vast range of products, part of which are on display in the Cavallini1920 showrooms in Milan and Varedo, in the province of Monza Brianza.

We have always chosen to carry only the best brands of furniture able to offer high quality standards. We are convinced that pieces of furniture are not just inanimate objects, but that they possess their own personalities. Among the beds from Meridiani, we find minimal objects like Port, and the historic textile platform bed Derek, or more sophisticated lines like Lauren Ghost or Turman.

However, all of these must harmonise with the rooms and satisfy our aesthetic sense. Furthermore, they must be functional, guaranteeing maximum practicality in daily use.

Meridiani shares the same principles, and transmits them through all of their products.

Meridiani beds are therefore created to be design furnishings that also facilitate our rest and need for space in the best way possible.

They are offered in different sizes, and often even in a version with a storage container under the mattress, a practical solution that allows the user to store large objects inside the bed that would otherwise be difficult to place.

Where are Meridiani Bed Collections in Milan? At Cavallini1920

Our showroom staff will show you the innumerable customisation options for Meridiani beds, starting with the Tuyo Kuoio series, created especially for this purpose.

For each model, customers can choose the type of upholstery to put on the headboard. All upholstery is removable and available in several colours and fabrics. Therefore, if the customer wants to refurbish the room or adapt the bed to a new room, it is not necessary to change the bedroom suite. Getting new slipcovers will suffice.

Meridiani beds are designed to last, beyond momentary fads and trends. They stand out for the elegance of their graceful shapes and for their refined style, which is never heavy or imposing. Their sober design, the vast range of finishes and the slipcovers and upholstery are the other factors that make them suitable for any type of furnishing scheme.

Another strong point of the Meridiani brand is the quality certification that accompanies all of their products. This certification can be obtained only after passing severe quality control processes, which verify that the product is original and made completely in Italy.

To maintain such high quality standards, Meridiani employs expert artisans and uses latest generation production processes and techniques. In this way, innovation and tradition are combined in the contemporary versions of timeless classic furniture. This is how we make furniture with authentic, timeless and refined design.

Meridiani Beds complete catalogue

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