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Meridiani Tables Milan

There are three little words, “Meridiani Tables Milan”, that evoke the idea of sober, sophisticated style in the world of furnishings. Clean lines and balanced volumes have always been a hallmark of Meridiani brand furnishings, one of the best representations of high quality furnishings that are Made in Italy.

The brand's philosophy is based on the continuous search for proposals that go beyond current trends. Therefore, they revisit classic pieces, furniture and accessories where tradition and innovation create unique reinterpretations, which are never ordinary and always refined.

Meridiani tables are an emblem of this timeless elegance. Milan, on the other hand, is the Italian capital of style and design and also the location of the Cavallini1920 showroom where you can discover the brand's proposals.

In our catalogue or directly at our exhibition platform, you can find tables designed for all types of needs and styles. The strong point of the Meridiani collections is their ability to harmonise perfectly in any type of furnishing scheme. This is because of their careful design, which always results in delicate luxury and without excess. Tables with this type of design, such as pieces from the Plinto series, are perfect as living room accessories though they were originally designed for the dining room. The same is true for the Owen and Owen Lunch models.

Meridiani Tables Milan: Quality in 3 Words

Materials, processes and finishes always meet high quality standards and are designed to resist over time.
Meridiani brand tables are created from the union of bases, inserts and tops offered in a vast range of variants.
When put together, they create harmonious and unique interplays of style and design.
In this way, we have dining tables that are perfect for the living room and for gathering with friends. Outdoor tables like Square, made to withstand any climate, are often paired with other Meridiani pieces like armchairs and outdoor sofas and various other accessories.

We also have design tables and occasional tables, with sculptural bases such as Gong, in fine materials and suited to any type of environment. They fit well in living rooms or as desks in studios and offices.

All Meridiani tables can also be personalised to fit client preferences.
In fact, they are available in various sizes and materials. Clients can choose between different finishes and tops from a vast range of options, including precious woods, oak or walnut, marble, or glossy and matt lacquered finishes in many colours.

Our staff is on hand to show you the features of each product and help you choose the personalisations that are best suited to your individual needs.

Meridiani Tables complete catalogue

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