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Poliform armchairs

Many customers come to our stores after an online search of the furniture sector using three words: Poliform Armchairs Milan.
Poliform armchairs are always a symbol of comfort and elegance, furnishings that are a combination of design and comfort. Milan is the city where the Cavallini 1920 showroom is located. Here, you will find the best of these armchairs, authentic furniture creations.
Poliform is an Italian company that has made the slogan “Made in Italy” one of its strong points. Its other strong points include continual research to find innovative solutions able to combine comfort, quality and beauty. Cavallini 1920 shares these values, and only chooses the best for its showrooms - which is why they chose Poliform armchairs in Milan.
At our store, you can admire the beauty of these pieces, and more importantly, you can try them out to experience their ergonomic comfort. In fact, you have to sit down in a Poliform armchair to fully understand how they can be so important for your well-being. The enveloping lines of the Ventura Lounge or the original headrest of Santa Monica Home, or still yet Bug and its extra-large version, Big Bug, were created to guarantee full relaxation.
Seats and upholstery materials were made to wrap around the body and ensure maximum comfort. The entire line was studied down to the last detail, from the padding materials to the seams on the covers.

Poliform armchairs and chairs, design and comfort for your relaxation areas

In Milan and at the Cavallini 1920 store in Varedo, in the province of Monza and Brianza, you will find models that have left their marks on the brand's history, such as the Mad line, enhanced with new models in every collection.
Each Poliform armchair has its own personality: elegant with minimal, refined lines such as Stanford, or original and decisive like Wallace, or versatile and free like the BB or Ipanema armchairs - clearly inspired by Brazilian Carioca culture. All of these can then be customised in the choice of upholstery and accessories.
They all have one common denominator: quality. Poliform armchairs are made with robust structures and covered in fine leather, prime quality artificial leather or removable fabric covers available in many patterns and colours. This makes them adapt to any type of environment, and they give each room an exclusive touch of style.
All you can do now is come and look for your new Poliform armchair in Milan, in Via Molino delle Armi 2. The staff at Cavallini 1920 will help you choose the best model for your home and your personal taste.

Poliform Armchairs complete catalogue

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