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Poliform complete catalogue

The Poliform catalogue includes a variety of furniture solutions for the various areas of the house. From the kitchen to the living and sleeping areas, the company offers furniture and furnishings that stand out for their design, refined style and high-quality materials. Depending on the style of your home, the wide range of finishes, colours and materials available in the Poliform catalogue result in products that can be customised to suit any setting or style requirement.
The brand's sofas, armchairs, beds, wardrobes, tables, wall units and kitchens share refined designs and a wide range of materials, offering endless customisation possibilities.
Contact us through the Poliform catalogue: our experts will be delighted to answer your requests for information and enquiries relating to costs and projects. Alternatively, we look forward to seeing you in Cavallini1920's official Poliform showroom in Milan and Varedo.

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