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Rimadesio Tables, Milan

At home and in the office, the Rimadesio tables are adaptable, elegant and completely customizable

The collection of the Rimadesio tables offers solutions with modern aesthetics and advanced functions, in various models and sizes to be declined according to any user requirements.

One of the most important pieces of furniture, both for domestic life and professional locations, the modern table is a versatile design element and place for meetings, exchange and reference for the entire family and also for any work group.

The Rimadesio tables make it possible to create areas for gathering and socializing that can also be used for work or study.

Rimadesio tables: from minimalism to surprise

Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, the Rimadesio tables come with a collection that explores a large variety of possibilities in dimensions and typologies of products with the aim to provide exceptional solutions marked by aesthetics and evolved functionality.

From minimal style to surprising effects, Rimadesio describes a concept of table in constant evolution.

Minimal styled and with an essential, refined look, the Long Island line is perfectly consistent with Rimadesio's design philosophy. Long Island is available in different shapes and dimensions (included the new extensible version), is completely demountable, features invisible joints and can have a top in wood, marble or glossy and mat lacquered glass. It's suited to any type of space and assures perfect style integration in any setting.

The Manta collection comprises a series of modular tables in extremely light shapes together with a solid frame made of prime quality materials. The tops are available as round or boat-shaped, with a large selection of color and finishes ranging from oak to glass, transparent or lacquered, to acrylic and marble, with a central lazy susan as additional accessory.

The surprising Flat line combines the strength of aluminium with the elegance of glass to create large, precious surfaces, softened by rounded corners and slender proportions. Perfect for different settings and functions, from home to professional environments, Flat best emphasizes the quality of the Rimadesio materials and its formal simplicity.

You can get a first-hand look at the quality of the Rimadesio tables at the large Cavallini1920 showrooms in Milan and Varedo. Our team of professionals will follow you each step of the way as you choose the most suitable pieces for your home's furnishing project.

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