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Rimadesio doors

Doors have a deep symbolic meaning: through them, we enter our homes, the rooms of our life, our most intimate areas or the lively points of our days. Furthermore, these complements have the fundamental function of keeping our rooms warm during the coldest months of the year, and to insulate them from noise during the night.

Rimadesio sliding, retractable and hinged doors: style and versatility for the home

Doors from Rimadesio for interiors, selected by Cavallini1920, blend aesthetics and practical aspects, style and versatility.
Siparium is an excellent line of sliding, hinged and folding doors - perfect for all large spaces. The elegance of Velaria, on the other hand, expresses the linearity of shape and geometric rigour even in more formal places. Graphis and Graphis Plus, suitable for homes and professional environments, and Graphis Light, specifically for the bedroom, allow for complete design freedom. Sail and Stripe, lastly, are offered as authentic furnishing elements to create perfectly dual-sided compositions.

The Rimadesio glass door: a design icon

The collection of glass doors by Rimadesio is the largest that the brand offers. The result of constant study, this collection has the objective of being an introduction to continuous innovative techniques and the exploration of the range of aesthetic potential that glass can offer.
The wide range of Rimadesio brand glass doors accents the transparency and reflections of this material. These models join the collection of over 60 lacquered colours and many different models of hinged, two-sided and pocket doors.
Zen, Even, Moon, Luxor, Aura, Vela, Spin, Link+: there are many different models, all with the same excellent technical quality that guarantees lightness of forms and great reliability over time.
To learn about all of the models of Rimadesio doors, contact us or come see us at our showrooms in Milan and Varedo. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions about Rimadesio products.

Rimadesio Doors complete catalogue

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