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Since 1980, Valcucine has focused on designing and producing technologically advanced kitchens with unique and elegant design.
Aesthetic research and innovation have always been at the centre of the Valcucine mission, which is based on the principle of eco-compatibility and recovery of craftsmanship in modern context. In the new millennium, it is not possible to separate business from ethics, which is the new tool for fair and sustainable development in the world. Valcucine's mission is to promote ethics, using its business culture and taking up the challenge of solving environmental problems for the good of future generations.


Since people consume about 80% of our natural resources, we cannot decide to ignore the scarcity of raw materials.
This is why Valcucine is constantly researching innovative technologies that will allow us to produce and dematerialize. Thanks to this innovative technology, Valcucine has succeeded in making products with a minimal quantity of materials using a minimal amount of energy. These products are made up of recyclable components, sometimes up to 100%, to easily allow the reuse of recovered materials. Technological innovation has become a synonym for concrete opportunity to safeguard people and the planet.

Long lifespan


Recovering craftsmanship in a contemporary form is one of the strong points of the Valcucine philosophy, a principle that has brought about the possibility of making delicate hand-made masterpieces such as inlaid wood surfaces and glass compositions. They are actual works of art. Rediscovering craftsmanship also means a longer lifespan for aesthetics and materials, because hand-crafted work is made with time-tested high quality methods. A piece of furniture that is finished like this has a unique look, because each element can be customised to fit individual taste.