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Valcucine models

The combination of artisan craftsmanship and industry that unites solid traditional methods with a contemporary language is the foundation of most of our kitchens, first and foremost, the Valcucine Sine Tempore project. This innovative model of kitchen starts, in fact, with the rediscovery of some ancient techniques, like marquetry and mosaics, which are then used to make a modern kitchen more elegant.

The combination of aesthetics and functionality is expressed most clearly in the Valcucine New Logica System modular kitchen, a project that has an innovative hidden accessorised back panel. It is convenient and easy to use, able to hold almost any type of kitchen equipment including taps and electrical sockets.

On the subject of eco-sustainability and recycling, once again, the best example of these values is the ecological Valcucine Riciclantica, a kitchen that uses materials like carbon, glass and steel to offer optimal recycling of all parts of the composition.

On the same line as the Ricliclantica, the Artematica kitchen was conceived. It has an ultra-modern monoblock door, called "dematerialized", in stratified laminate. It guarantees excellent resistance to heat, humidity and shock, and is also easily disposed of.

The variant models Valcucine Artematica Curva, Vitrum and Vitrum Arte are also very special. They maintain all the qualities of recyclability and low environmental impact, and are enriched with curved lines and a more ergonomic use of the environment, or decorative elements in glossy coloured laminate to add a touch of contemporary art.

People who love open living spaces will find the Valcucine Living modular kitchen system perfect for their homes, with the greatest options for customisation. Modern, elegant design and exclusive materials that integrate perfectly into the aesthetics of the environment are the distinctive features of this solution.

Valcucine Kitchens complete catalogue

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