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Pianca beds

Especially worthy of note for the sleeping area are the Pianca beds, characterised by an elegant style, refined details and bespoke workmanship. In the Pianca Beds catalogue you will find a range of upholstered proposals, with or without a storage unit, and of wooden solutions which stand out for their striking shapes expressing the extraordinary manufacturing capacity of Pianca, an Italian brand that centres on customisation as its greatest strength.

Pianca double beds in Milan and Varedo

Among the double beds proposed, Piumotto stands out for its warmth and comfort, two qualities that are intrinsic in its very name (reminiscent of the Italian word for duvet). The high headboard cushion is padded with down feathers, making it extremely soft and comfortable. The Boiserie bed stands out for its headboard composed of wooden or upholstered panels integrated with shelves and storage units.
The goal of the Pianca beds is to create a design that expresses beauty and comfort, granting everyone the opportunity to create their own personal relaxation space through matching beds, case goods and wardrobes.

For more information, prices and quotes, do not hesitate to contact our experts in our Milan and Varedo showrooms.

Pianca Beds complete catalogue

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