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Pianca bookshelves

Among the Cavallini1920 proposals, you will find customisable designer bookcases designed to contain, organise and enhance books and objects within the home. The leading all-Italian brands showcased in our showrooms include Pianca and its offering of modular bookcases suitable for any setting. The wide range of finishes, woods and colours available make these furniture solutions truly customisable, guaranteeing utmost freedom of expression.
The Spazioteca bookcase gives utmost compositional freedom due to the possibility of combining different types of modules. A play of full and empty spaces creates new proportions, enabling you to develop your own unique Pianca bookcase with a light and dynamic design. Minimalism is what makes the Unless bookcase truly versatile, enabling it to fit into any home or work space.
To design a customised Pianca bookcase, do not hesitate to contact our experts at Cavallini1920. They will be delighted to answer your questions relating to products and to support you with your designs.

Pianca Bookshelves complete catalogue

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