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Pianca walk in closets

Pianca's modularity and flexibility is also evident in its walk-in closets, where nothing is left to chance and everything forms part of a harmonious and personalised project.

The Anteprima walk-in closet stands out for its utmost compositional freedom, allowing it to adapt to any project. This Pianca walk-in closet is available with or without back panels and can be equipped with drawers, shelves and hanging rails.

Another proposal in the Pianca Bedroom catalogue is the Sipario walk-in closet, made up of door-free wardrobe modules. Elegance and orderliness are enhanced by the framed version that grants a greater sense of lightness. The interiors can be fitted out as needed, choosing from the wide range of modules available in the wardrobes catalogue.

To complete the furnishing needs of your walk-in closet, Pianca also offers the Island module, to be placed at the centre of the space and customised to match the finish of the selected wardrobe modules. This set of drawers is the ideal solution for storing items requiring a dedicated space, such as jewellery, shoes, ties, watches and other accessories.

Do you want to create your customised walk-in closet? Our Cavallini1920 showrooms in Milan and Varedo are official retailers of Pianca, a company specialising in the production of custom-made walk-in closets. Our experts look forward to meeting you in the showrooms, where you can obtain more information and request personalised quotes.

Pianca Walk-in closet complete catalogue

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