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Pianca armchairs

The Pianca armchairs are among the brand's signature products, in which every detail is carefully designed to ensure a blend of elegance, style and comfort. Every Pianca armchair is designed to be a part of a broader design: each item in the collection can be paired with the sofas and accessories in the catalogue with a view to creating cosy, harmonious spaces.

One of the Pianca armchairs that best reflects the brand's manufacturing capacity is Fushimi Lounge, in which Italian craftsmanship meets Japanese aesthetics through a modern take on the traditional combination of straps and wood. The simple lines of the solid wood structure create a sort of symbiosis with the leather. The Pianca catalogue also includes the Esse Lounge armchair, which stands out for its enveloping backrest and solid wood legs. The generous backrest makes it the perfect chair in which to relax.

Every Pianca armchair has a different personality, from the most eclectic to the most minimal: such ample choice means that you are sure to find the armchair that is right for you. They can all be customised at will with fabric, leather and faux leather upholstery. Simply come and find your Pianca armchair in our Milan and Varedo showrooms, where the Cavallini 1920 staff will help you choose the model that best suits your home and your personal taste.

Pianca Armchairs complete catalogue

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