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B&B Italia wardrobes

The choice of a design wardrobe is very important because it is not destined only for the functional use of organising space intelligently and containing off-season clothing. It also has an aesthetic function to characterise our rooms with beauty and design.
Also in this case, B&B Italia meets these needs with innovative proposals for wardrobes with custom doors, fitted with a particular sliding-rotating system.

B&B Italia wardrobes: functionality and innovation

Among the more functional and innovative B&B Italia wardrobes offered from the vast Cavallini 1920 catalogue, the new project by Antonio Citterio, Backstage, is a truly innovative wardrobe with different types of storage than in traditional wardrobes.
With an elegant, sophisticated look, this wardrobe stands out for the use of precious materials and exclusive finishing details.
Backstage by B&B Italia is available at our showroom where our team of experts can help you choose this very important piece of furniture from a vast range of different proposals with different styles.

Cavallini 1920 is located in Milan and Varedo, and it is the perfect place to come if you are looking for a B&B Italia dealer in Italy. We also offer complete service for the customer to solve any problems and answer questions, even post-sale. We can handle substitutions, integrations and new elements. Come see us. We would be happy to help you!

B&B Italia Closets complete catalogue

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