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B&B Italia chairs

Being able to relax on a comfortable chair after a hard day is very important, especially if during our daily routine we have to make do with uncomfortable chairs, or we have a habit of bad posture.
In order to make the best choice, it is important to look at comfort along with aesthetics and quality materials.
At this point, it also becomes vital to choose the right chair, in order to sit down without worrying about being uncomfortable while also furnishing our homes with taste and style. All B&B Italiachairs are designed to embellish our rooms and last through time.

B&B Italia chairs are an example of quality and ergonomics

Cavallini 1920 proposes different types of B&B Italia chairs, all made after careful research into quality and ergonomics to satisfy even the most demanding expectations.
At Cavallini1920, you can learn about the wide selection of B&B Italia chairs, including the models Alma, Doyl, Papilio, Mirto outdoor and Metropolitan.
All B&B Italia chairs are designed by internationally acclaimed designers, and made with the best materials on the market such as oak wood, fabrics, and leathers.

Cavallini1920: check out B&B Italia's chairs in Milan and Varedo

If you are interested in B&B Italia chairs, come and see us and we will help you choose the one for you. Cavallini1920 is the official retailer of the B&B Italia brand, and that's not all: at our showroom, you can find a vast catalogue of the most prestigious brands of Made In Italy furnishings! We are looking forward to seeing you!

B&B Italia Chairs complete catalogue

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