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B&B Italia armchiars

If you are looking for an armchair to make your living room unique, combine aesthetics, design and comfort and choose a B&B Italia armchair.
A historical Milanese company, founded in 1966 and winner of four Compasso d'oro awards, B&B Italia is undoubtedly among the most successful and well-known companies internationally in the area of Made In Italy furnishings.
Cavallini 1920 offers a wide selection of B&B Italia armchairs for every personal need and taste, and can help you choose the perfect piece for you, accompanying you on a journey through the B&B Italia collection.
Among the B&B Italia armchairs, you will find the delicate small armchair Mini Papilio, which belongs to the iconic award-winning series by Fukasawa Naoto, or many other proposals like the armchairs JJ, Metropolitan, Jean, Mart or Almora, which recently won the prestigious Wallpaper*Design Award 2015.

A wide selection of B&B Italia armchairs at Cavallini1920 in Milan and Varedo

If you are interested in one of these, or other B&B Italia armchairs, contact us or come directly to Milan or Varedo. At the Cavallini 1920 showrooms, you will find a complete assistance team to guide and advise you according to your needs, your taste and your budget.

B&B Italia Armchairs complete catalogue

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