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B&B Italia living rooms

The living room is often the most representative room in the house. It is where we relax in the evening by reading, listening to music or watching TV.
For a well-organised elegant living room, B&B Italia systems are the perfect answer to space-related and organisational problems.

B&B Italia living room furniture: the best choice for your home

Cavallini1920 offers different types of B&B Italia systems, including the Pab system, built of shelves and surfaces supported by light tie rods. The line has been expanded with a series of cabinets and multi-purpose benches to fulfil different storage needs.
The Flat C also was created to fulfil space organisation needs in places were lots of storage is needed in a small area. Flat C is a system of 25 cm deep units that can hold books, a TV set and stereo equipment.
Athos is equally as attractive thanks to its contemporary style: suspended and floor-standing containers, with a generous depth, with sliding or flush doors and drawers.
Each B&B Italia system comes in a vast range of finishes and, according to the guidelines behind the corporate philosophy: innovation, aesthetics, design and quality materials.

Plan your B&B Italia living room at our showrooms in Milan and Varedo

These and many other proposals are available from our large B&B Italia catalogue at Cavallini 1920, which has many solutions for every room in the home.
Come and see us! We will help you find the B&B Italia system that is best for your home.

B&B Italia Systems complete catalogue

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