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B&B Italia beds

The bedroom is certainly the most personal room in the house because it is the place where we sleep and enjoy our personal space. This is the reason that it is important to have a bedroom that is perfectly suited to helping us sleep better.
Bed headboards have evolved through the years: a wood headboard was considered a must years ago, but it has been replaced by headboards upholstered in fabric and leather. The padding allows us to have a perfect backrest for reading or watching television comfortably.
B&B Italia beds are ideal because they combine aesthetics and comfort in modern, personalised solutions.
Cavallini 1920, a market leader in the furnishings sector for the past 80 years, offers a refined selection of B&B Italia beds, starting with essential, sober designs and including more complex solutions.

B&B Italia beds: double and storage beds offering beauty and functionality

This list of proposals includes icons like Charles and Tufty Bed, along with the latest proposals from the brand: Alys, Papilio and Husk. All these have the quality and particular style that B&B Italia is famous for all over the world.
Also, some beds can be fitted with a container base that is easy to use because of its efficient mechanisms. People who love wood have some interesting solutions to consider.
If you are looking for a wood bed that fits your expectations, contact us for more information about our products or come see us. Our team of experts will help you choose the most suitable B&B Italia bed for your needs and taste.

B&B Italia Beds complete catalogue

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