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B&B Italia Tables, Milan

The table is another piece of design furniture that is very important in every day life. It evolved as a multi-purpose element for all kinds of activities, ideal for family time and also for work and study.
Therefore, you are not faced with a simple choice because a good table must satisfy several different criteria, such as functionality, aesthetics and elegance.

The B&B Italia table catalogue contains a variety of solutions: extendible, round or fixed tables that are ideal for different furnishing and personal needs.
B&B Italia tables selected by Cavallini1920 include the icons Tobi-Ishi, Archie, Athos, Link and Seven. These are just some of the many tables in from the prestigious B&B Italia brand.

These and others can be ordered at the Cavallini 1920 showroom, which carries a complete selection set off, naturally, by the unmistakable style and elegance of the B&B Italia brand.

Contact us for more information about B&B Italia products or come directly to our showroom!

Cavallini 1920, a leader in the design furnishings market for the past 80 years, is located in Milan and Varedo with a team of experts to assist you in choosing your B&B Italia table.

B&B Italia Tables complete catalogue

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