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Flexform beds

A home is not worthy of that name if it does not contain a bed where you can rest quietly and comfortably.
For this reason, the bedroom deserves careful consideration if you want to feel completely at ease in the short time that you allow yourself to relax from the hectic pace of your life.

Contemporary and comfortable beds from the Flexform collection

The Flexform beds in the large catalogue Cavallini1920are undoubtedly, along with the sofas, the brand's most popular because they combine comfort and ergonomics to form contemporary styled solutions.
Groundpiece, Lifesteel, and Cestoneare only a few of the most iconic products in the Flexform collection, available at our showrooms along with many other beds that can accommodate even the most difficult styles, with an ample range of prices.

Discover the selection of Flexform beds at the Cavallini1920 showrooms in Milan and Varedo

Cavallini1920 has been in the sector of high-end furnishings for over 80 years, and during their long career, they have always put the client at the centre of their attention, helping them to make the right purchase and providing after-sales service. This is certainly the right approach in order to achieve customised, quality furnishings.
If you are interested in Flexform beds or other furnishings made by the brand, come see us at our showrooms in Milan and Varedo (Monza Brianza) and have a look at our wide range of products. We are sure that you will be more than satisfied!

Flexform Beds complete catalogue

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