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Flexform chairs are available in a variety of styles, and most can be customized at will thanks to a vast selection of colors, materials and finishes. All Flexform chairs, however, exude that iconic air of elegance and sophistication that is the hallmark of the Flexform brand. Since its founding in 1959, Flexform has embodied a measured, restrained sense of style – an idea of refinement that is perfectly expressed by its award-winning line of Flexform chairs. Having recently expanded its production to include tables, Flexform has paid special attention to its chairs in order to offer stunning complete solutions for the dining room.

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Flexform chairs

Flexform chairs and stools, a style choice

Chairs are a furnishing element that should not be underestimated in a home considering that we spend most of our study, rest or simple relaxation time in them. Chairs can do a lot to shape the style of your place, adding flair and distinction, character and charm to any living spaces.
Flexform is the best choice if you are looking for a chair that can meet your needs for comfort and elegance. Internationally renowned for its high-quality production in the interior design world, it boasts an experience of more than 50 years in the industry.
The Flexform chairs boast an extensive collections of high-design décor with a variety of unique pieces and finishes.

Flexform chairs, a guarantee of comfort and elegance

In the wide range of chairs and stools the chair Feel Good is the ideal especially for people who prefer a chair that is in line with current trends in modern living; with a sense of floating lightness, it suggests timeless classicism in a contemporary form.
In addition to Feel Good, other distinctive models of Flexform chairs include Isabel and Pat, equally as appealing, with their elegant, modern lines and exquisite comfort: with or without armrests, chair or dining chair, Isabel is entirely covered in cowhide, legs included; Pat, with the chassis extending into the armrests or slender and versatile in the version without arms, removable cover in fabric or leather. The Isabel is among the most admired models in the entire collection of Flexform chairs, with its clean and uncluttered design that seems to perfectly highlight the expressive appeal of leather. Another signature piece in the range of Flexform chairs is the timeless Feel Good chair, which stands out for its rounded and enveloping lines with a sleek aluminum base. The extensive collection of Flexform chairs also includes the gracefully rounded Gelsomina, famous for its oh-so-soft padded seat, and the unique Crono chair, which blurs the line between armchair and dining chair.

You can opt for simple lines and linearity: like Betty, basic yet with a strong frame, that reminds of faraway cultures; Margareth, extremely versatile in its squared, geometric wooden structure; Carlotta, with a light metal structure, a minimalist design close to rationalism.

Or you can opt for relaxation, with Barchetta, remarkably comfortable, with a structure in solid wood, softened by the semicircular curve of the back and base, or with Crono a reinterpretation of the classic 1940s armchair with a structure in solid wood and curved wooden armrests, or the delicate, rounded Gelsomina, a versatile, chameleonic piece.

Discover the variety of Flexform chairs in the Cavallini1920 showrooms

The Flexform chairs are internationally-famous for their premium quality and inventive design, with a pleasant balance between timeless elegance and contemporary design and an ample variety of customization possibilities.
As an official dealer of Flexform chairs in Milan, Cavallini1920 offers a comprehensive selection of seating solutions by Flexform. Stop by any of our locations to discover the exquisite design and superior comfort of our Flexform chairs.

Flexform Chairs complete catalogue

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