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Flexform armchairs have written many memorable pages in the history of Italian interior design. Renowned for their exquisite designs and understated elegance, Flexform armchairs also stand out for the superior quality of their build and materials. They seem to defy time, in terms of both durability and aesthetics. The brand has always made a point of eschewing trends in favor a timeless sense of style, while believing that quality is also a key part of sustainability: “The durability of products is a crucial value of environmental sustainability. Long-lasting things lead to less waste and pollution”. Indeed, thanks to flawless designs, the exceptional quality of the materials and the company's renowned manufacturing know-how, Flexform armchairs never seem to get old.

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Flexform armchairs

Flexform is famous in Italy and around the world for its prestigious collections of upholstered furniture: its first focus is on sofas, but it also produces a vast range of chairs, armchairs, stools and ottomans.
Armchairs designed with high-attention for timeless elegance and comfort combined, with exclusive pieces of art able to add a contemporary touch and sense of beauty to any interior space of our home, studio or office.
The collections of the Flexform armchairs are ample and different in décor style, size and sitting needs, with classic everlasting pieces and contemporary inspirations, in a constant game between traditional décor and modern reinterpretation of spaces.

The elegance and exclusivity of the Flexform chairs and armchairs

Some of the more popular models of Flexform armchairs include the Thomas armchair, with its unique compact design, the Guscio armchair, which lures guests with its enveloping form, and the asymmetric Edmond armchair, which in its simple yet spectacular design seems to embody all the qualities that make Flexform special. The rounded Abbracci, the modern Luce, the cosy Guscio, the reinterpreted classic Crono, the comfortable Happy-Hour: in the extensive collection of Flexform armchairs you easily find themost suitable choices to enjoy your rest time to the fullest.
The latest products in the Flexform armchairs' collections are Adda and Tosca. Adda is a linear armchair with a clean, contemporary look, light structure and base covered in leather or fabric marked by a gentle hollow on the surface, distinctive feature of this piece of furniture; Tosca, with its clearly visible wooden structure of the back, has a neo-colonial spirit and a sturdy seat cushion.
The Flexform's collection of armchairs is far more larger, comprising both classic and unconventional pieces. Classic and everlasting like Doralice, with a slightly retro, understated look, or like Guscio, with a thousand different sitting combinations, or Happy, with no armrests, but just bolster cushions that can be positioned at will, for truly personalized comfort. Eccentric and unusual like A.B.C. or A.B.C.D. with low seat, large block-like cushions and modular composition; Mondo, interpretation of a classic 1940s armchair; Morgan, essential and with a rigorous metal plate structure and padded seat; Peter, with a slender profile recalling a deck chair.

Discover the selection of Flexform armchairs at Cavallini1920 showrooms

The Flexform brand is a synonym of elegance, prestige and the highest quality. If you are looking for an armchair to make your living room unique, or to enhance your bedroom, then Flexform armchairs sold by Cavallini 1920 are just what you need.
As a proud Flexform armchairs Milan dealer, Cavallini1920 offers all the top models of Flexform armchairs. Trends come and go, but year after year Flexform armchairs remain incredibly popular among our customers.
If you would like to know more about Flexform armchairs, please contact us or come to the showroom! Inside our showrooms in Milan and Varedo (Monza Brianza), you will find qualified personnel who can tell you all about the Flexform products that are sure to meet your expectations!

Flexform Armchairs complete catalogue

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