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Flexform cabinets

With their clean, rigorous lines, the Flexform cabinets enclose all the typical features of Flexform's furniture, and are suitable both for the dining room and for the living area.
These items of furniture tastefully complement the interior decor, providing additional space and making the room cosier and tidier.

See, for example, the light and airy Fly storage units by Antonio Citterio, characterised by a solid exposed metal structure and a wide range of finishes in terms of the shelves, feet and colours of the structure.
Ideally designed for the living area, they can also be paired with Box leather baskets.

Come and discover the great functionality of Flexform's cabinets.

The Flexform cabinets catalogue includes a wide variety of products, including low, slender sideboards and high cabinets with hinged doors, drawers and internal drawers. All are made from the best woods, such as mahogany, oak or ash, and finished with marble, glass or metal.

Due to their sobriety, the Flexform storage units are truly timeless and therefore always trendy.
For more information, visit our Cavallini1920 showrooms in Milan and Varedo.

Flexform Cabinets complete catalogue

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