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Flexform bookshelves

Noteworthy among the Flexform proposals is a large collection of designer bookcases of outstanding quality, characterised by the company's hallmark elegance. Designed to hold objects and books, Flexform's bookcases are modular and customisable to every customer's needs.

The Infinity bookcase stands out for its enamelled metal modules, which allow you to create endless compositions by combining leather shelves and storage compartments.

The pursuit of excellence is one of the cornerstones of Flexform, which always believes in safeguarding the values of Italian quality and style, from the raw materials sourced through to the specialised manufacturing processes adopted.

For more information on the Flexform bookcases and their design, we look forward to seeing you at the Cavallini1920 official showrooms in Milan and Varedo.

Flexform Bookshelves complete catalogue

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