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Flexform tables

The table is a multi-functional place in the home where we can have lunch or dinner, study or even just read a good book. Therefore, it is necessary to make the right choice when buying this piece of furniture, depending on the function that we want it to have, since it is a central piece in our daily lives.
The Flexform tables are an excellent choice because they are designed to satisfy different types of needs without neglecting the brand's usual elegance and refined taste.
Cavallini1920, Flexform retailer with several years of experience in the furniture sector, offers a wide variety of Flexform tables, all characterised by the highest attention to detail, quality and materials. These pieces are also designed to furnish spaces in the best way, with different types of tables that all have taste, style and elegance, but naturally at different prices.

Flexform dining tables: sophistication and multifunctionality

The large table Clarke, the polyhedral Gipsyor the essential Flyare just a few of the proposals from Cavallini1920, but the rich collection of Flexform tables that we carry also includes many other models, all different but with the same unmistakable style of Flexform: is possible to choose from very classic shapes and authentic examples of exclusive design.

Come and discover the Flexform dining tables in our showrooms

If you are interested in the wide range of Flexform tables, come see us at our showrooms in Milan and Varedo (Monza Brianza). You'll find valid help that you can depend on to support you during your purchase, with suggestions for the best solution for your needs and your home.
Contact us or come directly to our showrooms. We are sure that you won't leave empty handed!

Flexform Tables complete catalogue

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